Garment Care

We want your Silhou garments to last a lifetime. We have a few suggestions for how to care for your Silhou garments to ensure they last forever.

How do I care for my Silhou items? 
Each item is unique, therefore there will be different care requirements for each style. Every garment will contain a wash care label that will guide you on the best way to clean and care for your product.

What happens if my Silhou garment breaks?
Each item is unique and may require different care. Attached to each garment is a care label that will provide you with care instructions to maintain the quality of your item.

From new zips to turning up, taking in, letting out, re-lining, replacing trims and every sort of repair, our dress makers take exceptional pride in the quality of their work. We will be able to repair authentic Silhou garments free of charge, assuming the damage caused was through regular wear and tear and not created through excessive force or misuse. 

If you have have ordered products from Silhou that need adjusting, we can adjust the fit and shape of the garments for you. This includes taking in the waist and sleeves, shortening the length or adjusting the straps. First adjustments will be free of charge following an order. More complicated adjustments, including making the garments longer may incur costs. Our team will be happy to explain any potential costs to you. 
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If you have purchased your garment for a special occasion and want to extend the life span of your Silhou product by altering the style, we are able to do this for you. An example is if you've ordered a ball gown style, but you would like this to be altered to a cocktail dress so that you can wear it more often. In order to set up an alteration, please contact our team: Contact Us.

Dry Clean
Take your garment to a dry cleaner if the wash care instructions advise for it to be dry cleaned. We recommend finding a dry cleaning company that works with sustainable and eco-friendly techniques. 

Hand Wash 
Fill a sink with cold water. Using a delicate detergent, follow the detergent's instructions for best use. We recommend gently soaking and swirling the garments within the water with the detergent for a few minutes. Then rinsing the garments in clean, cold water before gently pressing it to remove excess water. Be careful to not wring or twist, as this can distort its shape. You can then gently press the garment into a dry towel to absorb the water. Try rolling up the towel with the garment inside, pressing as you go, to help extract any remaining water. Finally, delicately reshape the garment, and lay it flat to dry.

Steaming & Ironing 
A lot of fabrics can be steamed or ironed on a low setting, but we recommend you test a small area first. If a fabric is shiny or has embellishments, do not iron.

Storing Your Silhou Garment
Most of our garments can be hung to store. We recommend using a dust bag where possible to keep the garment safely stored. If the garment has hanger loops, we recommend using these to support the weight of the garment hanging on the hanger and to avoid the garment stretching out or distorting. If the garment requires a clip hanger, we suggest putting pieces of tissue over the garment before pinching it with the clips to avoid marks being created on the fabric.


We believe that clothing should be made to fit beautifully, therefore we offer customised sizing on all garments. 

Custom Sizes

Our whole collection can be custom made to your exact measurements. Simply add your Bust, Waist and Hip measurement to the 'Order Notes' section in the checkout process. We may be in touch with any questions regarding your sizing, otherwise we will simply make your garments to your measurements. 

Please take care to ensure that the measurements that you have taken are correct. Follow the 'How To Measure' guide below.

We can not make garments to fit based on weight or height details. 

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about the process, then please email us at:  

Standard Sizes

Our size chart acts as a guide for selecting a size that suits you. 

If you happen to fall within the sizes below, simply select the size that's best for you on the product page. 

Sizing Chart in CM

Size to Order

Bust (cm)

Waist (cm)

Hips (cm)


76 - 81

63 - 68

86 - 91


81 - 89

68 - 76

91 - 99


89 - 99

76 - 86

99 - 107


99 - 109

86 - 99

107 - 119

Sizing Chart in Inches

Size to Order

Bust (Inches)

Waist (Inches)

Hips (Inches)


30 - 32

25 - 27

34 - 36


32 - 35

27 - 30

36 - 39


35 - 39

30 - 34

39 - 42


39 - 43

34 - 39

42 - 47



Bust: measure around the fullest part of your bust. 

Waist: measure around the smallest part of your waistline. This is generally above the belly button and below rib cage.

Hips: Start at one hip and wrap the tape measure around your rear, around the other hip, and back to where you started. Make sure the tape is over the largest part of your bottom. 

Size Conversion Chart


UK (& AUS)




6 -8

2- 4

34 - 36


8 - 10

4- 6

36 - 38


10 - 12

6- 8

38 - 40


12 - 14

8 - 10

40 - 42

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